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The hospitality industry has changed, the travel technologies need to take a new turn too. Understanding the complexity of the online environment hoteliers are facing is the cornerstone of a strong hotel business strategy. In an ever-competitive market, manual comparison is no longer sufficient. The cloud-based platform Hotel Price Reporter developed helps hoteliers keep track of the ever-changing rates on multiple channels and better understand their online and social environment.

It's not just rate shopping. It's market forecasting.

With the Hotel Price Reporter Solution, hoteliers can easily retrieve relevant information from their online environment:

Rate Shopper

Pricing intelligence gathering is getting essential for hoteliers. With our intuitive hotel rate shopper, hoteliers can automate the rate comparison process for their hotel and competitors and get instant access to 365 days worth of data.
The Room Mapping lets them select which room types they want to compare between the different competitors, while the price evolution tool lets them evaluate their performance over-time. Our platform is fully customisable and can adapt to the peculiarities of your business. We also offer bespoke solutions for large hotel groups.

Local Market Demand

Local Market Demand Feature keeps you informed of the evolution of the demand in your area. It helps you make the most out of high-yield periods and anticipate periods of low demand. It assists hoteliers in building real-time pricing and marketing strategies.

Ranking and Review Analytics

The Ranking and Review Feedback Tool helps you maintain a good understanding of what clients think of your hotel. We display your score and ranking on main OTAs against the one of your competitors so that you can easily identify areas that need to be improved or that gives you a competitive advantage.

Rate Parity

The Rate Parity Feature gives you a complete overview of your prices across main OTAs and your own website. It assists you in applying consistent rates across various channels. You can set up customized alerting rules that keep you informed of any pricing inaccuracies.

Events Diary

The Events Diary Feature keeps you updated about upcoming events that take place around you and may affect your occupancy rate and prices. We extract all relevant attendance information from social media so you can estimate the turnout and be prepared.

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