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Rate shopper for hoteliers

No hospitality professional alone can make sense of all the pricing and demand data transforming their daily work. In an ever-changing market, manual monitoring is no longer possible. With The Hotel Price Reporter Solution, leading hotel operators can fetch and retrieve vast amounts of pricing and demand data from multiple channels to uncover patterns and make better informed decisions impacting their portfolio.

Want to monitor and maximize your hotel portfolio's revenue? Whether you are a hospitality management business looking to simplify pricing data processing or looking to implement a pricing intelligence tool without building from scratch, Hotel Price Reporter can help. Our leading revenue management tool lets you uncover pricing and demand insights, simplify your hotel portfolio's monitoring and helps you engage in new ways.

Turn pricing data into meaningful revenue management metrics.

Hotel Rate Shopper

Rate Shopper

Hospitality management organizations are facing dynamic pricing challenges that call for automation of the rate monitoring process to exploit yield opportunities. The Rate Intelligence tool helps leading hotel operators monitor their portfolio and competitors' prices in real-time and gives them access to 365 days worth of data.

Hotel Local Market Demand Data

Local Market Demand

In a competitive environment, hoteliers need to keep track of demand forecast to make the most out of high-yield periods. With The Local Market Demand tool, hospitality operators can combine pricing information with demand forecast data to uncover yielding opportunities and compare their performance with key competitors.

Events Manager For Hoteliers

Events Diary

The Events Diary Feature keeps you updated about upcoming events that take place around you and may affect your occupancy rate and prices. We extract all relevant attendance information from social media so you can estimate the turnout and be prepared.

Hotel Online Reputation Management Tool

Ranking and Review Analytics

In today's connected world, being aware of what clients think about your managed portfolio has never been as important to make a difference. With Hotel Price Reporter cutting-edge Review and Ranking Analytics, hospitality managers get access to client satisfaction data from each managed hotel to provide personalised expertise and advice.

Rate Parity Tool For Hotels

Rate Parity

Challenged to keep up with consistent rates across multiple channels, hoteliers may struggle to maintain rate parity. The Rate Parity feature helps hospitality professionals display consistent rates across different channels and alerts them of any irregularities according to rules they set. With our parity tool, hospitality operators can resolve parity issues faster.

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