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Cloud computing is changing the way hoteliers do business, opening up new opportunities for the hospitality industry to empower market data and focus on core revenue-generating strategies.

Our solution provides hoteliers with unique market insights across the multi-channel environment they are interacting with. We offer tailored solutions, helping hoteliers achieve high performance through leading technology that automates the rate comparison process, the ranking and review analysis, the parity control and the local demand data fetching.

We believe quality cloud services should be easy to use. Hotel Price Reporter enables hoteliers to get instant access to our intuitive dashboard without any complicated or costly setup.

We blend price and demand analytics to generate authentic market insights for your business

Hotel Rate Shopper, Hotel Revenue Management

Rate Shopper

Hospitality organizations are facing dynamic pricing challenges that call for automation of the rate comparison process to exploit yield opportunities. The Rate Intelligence tool lets you compare prices in real-time for hotels of your choice and gives you future and historic access to 365 days worth of data.

Parity Tracker, Hotel Revenue Management

Rate Parity

Challenged to keep up with consistent rates across multiple channels, hoteliers may struggle to maintain rate parity. The Rate Parity feature helps you display consistent rates across different channels and alerts you of any irregularities according to rules you set.

Local Market Demand Data, Hotel Revenue Management

Local Market Demand

In a competitive environment, hoteliers need to keep track of demand forecast to make the most out of high-yield periods.
The Local Market Demand tool gives you an overview of the demand forecast for your locality. This performance can be directly compared with your own performance or the one of your competitors.

Ranking and Review Analytics, Hotel Revenue Management

Ranking and Review Analytics

In today's connected world, being aware of what clients think about your hotel has never been as important to make a difference. We provide cutting-edge Review and Ranking Analytics that give you a complete overview of guest satisfaction levels for your establishment and your competitors.

Events Diary, Hotel Revenue Management

Events Diary

Enabling hoteliers to win and retain customers requires good knowledge of their environment. The Events Diary feature keeps you informed of upcoming events such as fairs, concerts, festivals and conferences that can impact your occupancy rate and prices.

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