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A hotel rate shopper is a pricing intelligence solution hoteliers use to achieve a more effective yielding strategy by accessing real-time market analytics. A hotel rate shopper gathers and processes vast amounts of pricing and demand data from multiple channels to help you uncover patterns and make better informed pricing decisions. It helps you monitor your own portfolio as well as the one of your competitors.

You can create an account by visiting the following link. Every new client is automatically given access to our Free Plan which includes a compset of 3 hotels and data for the next 180 days. To activate your account you will need to provide your full professional contact details and confirm you email address with us by visiting the unique link we send you in your activation email.

No. You will only be charged a monthly (or annual) fixed fee irrespective of the number of rooms your hotel has.

You can add and change the list of hotels that are part of your competitor set by going to the Hotel Management page when logged in. If the suggested results do not match your query, please contact our team and we will add the hotel for you.

Free Plan accounts are given access to both and Expedia results. All Paid Plans are given access to a larger number of channels that can be customized for every user.

Free Plan accounts are refreshed daily. Accounts subscribed to any of our paid plans get daily refreshes, on-demand refreshes as well as the option to define a custom refreshing schedule.

We do in-app upgrades. Once logged in to your Free account, click on the Upgrade link in the top-right corner. We accept payments via credit/debit cards and bank wire transfer.

No. Our service can be provided on a month-to-month basis, and there are no cancellation fees. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can deactivate automatic renewal and your service will stop at the end of your billing month.

Yes. Room Mappings lets you define custom baskets of rooms which can be used as a room type filter in the Rate Comparison analysis. Room baskets can be defined in the Room Mappings page accessible via the Settings menu.

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