Revenue management

Average occupancy rate for hotels: How you can access this data on-line

What role does average occupancy rate play in your hotel operations? As hotel managers, we do our best to be data-informed with the decisions we make for our hotel business.

Hotel price data you can download on-line

Are you curious what daily prices are set by hotels in your area?

Hotel pricing and optimization strategies: A beginner's guide

Determining what price to sell your hotel rooms at is of strategic importance to every hotel business. In economics, there is a proven direct relationship between pricing and the positioning of a company and its products, turnover, and market share.

Hotel rate comparison tools for professionals

When guests are out looking for the perfect price for their hotel room it’s important to grab their attention and get them to click, and book.

Hotel rate intelligence: The essential market intelligence for hotel professionals

Any successful revenue management strategy requires the right market intelligence. With so many metrics involved, it is essential for revenue managers to have the full analysis of the key market conditions, including the main competitor’s room rates, their occupancy levels, the on-line user reviews as well as the overall demand levels for the period in the local area.

Hotel revenue management strategies that will help you grow

How do you stay on top of all your hotel revenue management strategies? From adjusting prices, to monitoring local demand and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs hotel revenue managers have to complete every day to execute a successful revenue management strategy.

How do hotels price their rooms?

Pricing hotel rooms and producing a successful hotel pricing strategy can be difficult.

How to calculate the occupancy rate in Excel?

Excel has always been a favorite tool amongst hotel managers. One of the things it can be used for is to calculate the occupancy rate for your hotel.

How to determine hotel room rates

To strengthen their revenue management policy, hotel managers need to decide what type of pricing strategy they want to implement relative to their competitive set.

OTA Comission Rates: The Complete Guide to OTA fees

Online Travel Agencies are an important distribution channel for most hotels as more than half of all travellers today use the Internet to plan their upcoming trip.

Rate structure in hotels: A practical example

The thing we love most at Hotel Price Reporter is to help hotels succeed at finding the right price for their rooms.

Revenue Generation Index: What is RGI and why is it important to hotels?

RGI stands for Revenue Generation Index. It is also known as RevPAR index and is one of the many Key Performance Indicators (KPI) hotel professionals use to track performance.

The Best Hotel Room Pricing Methods

To seek a competitive advantage over their competitors, hoteliers need to think about fine-tuned hotel room pricing methods. Indeed, the hotel industry is one of the few that can develop effective revenue management strategies because they retain full control over the price and duration parameters.

The role a rate value matrix plays in your hotel price positioning

Do you want to know how to optimize your room rates with the help of a rate value matrix?

Top reasons for low occupancy in hotels

Does it feel like you’ve done everything right, yet your hotel rooms are still nowhere near full? The bad news: Several things could be preventing you from filling up.

What is a good occupancy rate for a hotel?

If I were to tell you that last night at our hotel we had 100% occupancy, what would you think?

What is hotel rate parity?

What is rate parity? Rate parity is a legal agreement between a hotel and an OTA.

What is hotel revenue management?

What is Hotel Revenue Management? Hotel Revenue Management is a scientific discipline widely used within the hospitality industry aiming at helping hoteliers decide on what room to sell to a given target, for what price, when to sell it and decide what is the most appropriate route to do so.

What is the Average Daily Rate (ADR)? Definition and Examples

What is the Average Daily Rate (ADR)? The average daily rate (ADR) is a popular metric in the hospitality industry used to indicate the average revenue per occupied room on a given day.

What is yield management? Definition, strategies and examples

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your hotel revenue stagnate despite your continued effort to fill your rooms. I know this because I’ve been there many times at my hotel.

Why is rate parity so important?

Everyone is familiar with over-exaggerated marketing claims across the Internet and the media: