Top 20 European Destinations for May 2017

Hotel Price Reporter is delighted to release its monthly Top 20 Hotel Destinations Ranking in Europe for the second half of May 2017. This chart informs you about the evolution of the demand level in the most visited European destinations according to TripAdvisor.

This period of bank holidays is a good opportunity to take a look at the evolution of the demand in European cities. This monthly chart confirms a seasonal shift towards estival destinations, as Portugal and Spain trust the top 4 destinations of our chart.

RankingCityAverage demand in %Ranking Evolution
10Region of Murcia76.6New
13Lower Saxony71.8New
15Island of Malta70.6New

Madeira remarkably takes the lead in this May’s chart. Absent from our April top 20 destinations, Madeira is back with 87.8% demand. The performance is worth mentioning, as the Portuguese Islands overtake both Tenerife and Majorca that were first in our previous post. With 86.7% demand, both Spanish islands remain neck and neck and score second in this chart.

Interestingly, this monthly chart covering the period between the 16th and the 30th of May confirms a shift towards estival destinations. Portuguese and Spanish destinations alone account for 31.58% of the most popular destinations taken into account in our poll.

This shift gets confirmed by the poor performance recorded by many capital cities, such as Amsterdam dropping from 3rd to 7th or London and Budapest which lost respectively 3 and 4 places in the chart, while Mediterranean metropolitan cities, such as Lisbon and Barcelona remain attractive with stable results of 4th and 9th respectively.

The only noticeable exception to this trend is Edinburgh that wins 3 positions, ranking at 4th position with an important progression, as the demand level has risen from 73.1% to 79.4%.

This monthly chart also comes with its lots of new comers, such as the Spanish region of Murcia, ranking 10th with 76.6% demand and Malta, ranking 15th with 70.3%. Surprisingly, this monthly chart lost all of its Greek destinations, with the Island of Crete, Santorini and Rhodes disappearing from the top 20.

Observations should be made about Paris. The City of Light registered an encouraging increase of 3.9% in demand while loosing ranking at the same time, scoring at the 18th position in May.

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Chart showing the most popular European hotel destinations for May 2017