Top 20 European Destinations for April 2017

Hotel Price Reporter is happy to release its first Top 20 Hotel Destinations Ranking in Europe for April 2017. Every month, this chart will keep you up to date about the evolution of the demand level in the most visited European destinations according to TripAdvisor.

As sunny days are back, both the Canary and Balearic Islands take the lead of this April demand billboard. With 88.6% demand, Tenerife and Majorca dominate the current chart. While Amsterdam and Lisbon confirm their consistent leadership, Paris is left behind and appears at the bottom of the table, ranking 14th in this monthly check-up.

RankingCityApril average demand in %
15St Petersburg59.6

The Spanish Islands outperform their continental rivals in this April demand chart, as Tenerife and Majorca rank first with an average demand level of 88.6%.

Beyond this performance, it’s worth noticing how regular the level of the demand appears for both places all across April, with small disparities between weekdays and weekends that don’t exceed 4%. This trend concerns more broadly all of the island destinations, while continental cities such as Prague and Berlin remain more exposed to significant variations between weekdays and weekends, with disparity records reaching respectively 35% and 33% for the end of the month.

If these disparities can be partly explained by different factors, including journey formats, flight distances and frequencies, they remain insufficient to clarify noticeable differences observed between continental destinations themselves. Indeed, Paris, Rome and Barcelona are less affected by these irregularities.

Although steady, Paris score remains a disappointing performance with an average demand of 63.3%. The City of Light is now challenged by outsiders - such as Prague with 67.2% demand this month - and stays behind its biggest rival: London. Ranking 11th, London performs relatively well regarding the recent Tower Bridge Attack, with an average demand level of 69%.

The current insecurity context finally benefits new leaders, especially Amsterdam and Lisbon that rank 3th and 4th of the current chart, with 82.2% and 82.1% demand levels. Amsterdam holds the record of the highest pick, with 95% demand observed for the 29th of April, which is also the weekend following the famous “Koningsdag’s Day”(King’s Day).

This trend corroborates the poor statistics observed for Istanbul that ranks last, with stable and low records. Its average demand stagnates at 12.5% while its highest pick is stuck at 14% for the 14th of April.

Finally, new outsiders emerge of this ranking to compete at a European level. Corsica now frontally challenges well-established destinations, such as the Greek Islands Rhodes and Santorini. All three islands reach an equal score of 56.5% average demand and rank 16th in our monthly chart.

This April Top 20 chart ultimately confirms the existence of seasonal fluctuations affecting demand levels and of an indisputable effect that security concerns have on touristic demand.

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Chart showing the most popular European hotel destinations for April 2017