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Hotel room rate changes on a blackboard

What is rate shopping?

What is a hotel rate shopper? A rate shopper is a software solution used by hotel professionals to monitor room rates on the Internet.

David Easton
A laptop showing a hotel rate shopping chart
Is paying for a hotel rate shopper worth it?
David Easton

Pricing data is the fuel that powers your hotel revenue management strategy.

A hotel room
The Top 6 Features To Look For In A Hotel Rate Shopper
David Easton

With so many hotel technology products on the market today, it could be a daunting task for the unsuspecting buyer to choose the best one.

Hand of a hotel manager drawing on a white board revenue arrow pointing up
What is yield management? Definition, strategies and examples
Jane Shaw

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your hotel revenue stagnate despite your continued effort to fill your rooms. I know this because I’ve been there many times at my hotel.

How to determine hotel room rates
How to determine hotel room rates
Jane Shaw

To strengthen their revenue management policy, hotel managers need to decide what type of pricing strategy they want to implement relative to their competitive set.

Hotel room pricing methods
The Best Hotel Room Pricing Methods
Jane Shaw

To seek a competitive advantage over their competitors, hoteliers need to think about fine-tuned hotel room pricing methods. Indeed, the hotel industry is one of the few that can develop effective revenue management strategies because they retain full control over the price and duration parameters.

Revenue growing on a blackboard
What is hotel revenue management?
Jane Shaw

What is Hotel Revenue Management? Hotel Revenue Management is a scientific discipline widely used within the hospitality industry aiming at helping hoteliers decide on what room to sell to a given target, for what price, when to sell it and decide what is the most appropriate route to do so.

Madeira landscape
Top 20 European Destinations for May 2017
Jane Shaw

Hotel Price Reporter is delighted to release its monthly Top 20 Hotel Destinations Ranking in Europe for the second half of May 2017.

Tenerife landscape
Top 20 European Destinations for April 2017
Jane Shaw

Hotel Price Reporter is happy to release its first Top 20 Hotel Destinations Ranking in Europe for April 2017. Every month, this chart will keep you up to date about the evolution of the demand level in the most visited European destinations according to TripAdvisor.