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How to determine hotel room rates.

Hotel Price Reporter

Nov 30, 2017

To strengthen their revenue management policy, hotel managers need to decide what type of pricing strategy they want to implement...

Hotel Price Reporter

Nov 28, 2017

Learn how to set up Room Mappings and make the most of your Yield Management platform.

Hotel Price Reporter

Aug 13, 2017

Discover how to create a free hotel revenue management account and start rate shopping competitors.

Best Hotel Room Pricing Methods.

Hotel Price Reporter

Jul 30, 2017

To seek a competitive advantage over their competitors, hoteliers need to think about fine-tuned hotel room pricing methods...

What is hotel revenue management?

Hotel Price Reporter

Jun 19, 2017

Hotel Revenue Management is a scientific discipline widely used within the hospitality industry aiming at helping hoteliers decide on...

Top 20 European Hotel Destinations for May 2017 by Hotel Price Reporter

Hotel Price Reporter

May 16, 2017

Hotel Price Reporter is delighted to release its monthly Top 20 Hotel Destinations Ranking in Europe for the second half of May 2017.

Hotel Price Reporter

Apr 3, 2017

Hotel Price Reporter is happy to release its first Top 20 Hotel Destinations Ranking in Europe for April 2017.