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What makes us unique

Our hotel revenue management and rate shopping platform helps hotel managers deal with the complexities of the entire revenue management process. It is used throughout the hospitality industry to automate the rate comparison process, leading to better informed pricing-decisions.

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Rate shopping

Why rate shopping matters

Are you struggling to tie together the ever-changing rates from various channels?

Do you waste valuable hours on manual price comparison rather than performing price analysis?

Our hotel rate shopper makes the pricing-decision process easier and quicker.

Rate shopping

Live rate shopping data sourced from a variety of OTAs

Historical prices

See how room prices evolve over time

Local demand

Track the availability of rooms in your local area using data from across the web

User reviews

Track the user reviews and satisfaction scores

How Hotel Price Reporter can help

Keeping up with all the factors that affect room prices is a challenging task. There are a number of different parameters that can impact it. These parameters include: the prices set by your competition, the overall availability of rooms in your area, your own occupancy rate, the distribution channels selling your rooms, the on-line reputation of your competitors, etc.

Hotel Price Reporter helps you bring all of that information into a centralised dashboard. It lets you spend less time collecting information, and more time on planning your revenue management strategy.

The tools you get with Hotel Price Reporter

We add new tools and features regularly.

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