Revenue management solutions for hotels

Technology that helps you maximize your revenue and stay on top of your competition.

Hotel revenue management solutions

Hotel rate shopper

Our rate shopping solution helps hotels deal with the complexities of the entire revenue management process, from monitoring room rates to monitoring on-line reviews.

Rate shopping

Rate shopping data

Regularly updated rate shopping data available for up to 365 days in advance

Local market demand

Track the availability of rooms in your area

Price evolution

Track price changes for any date (future or present) for any one of your competitors

Online reputation

Track the online reputation scores for your hotel and the ones of your competitors

Price check widget

Use our price check widget to demonstrate to your website visitors that by booking direct they will be getting the best possible deal for their stay.

Price check widget

Live price comparison

Show your users live price comparison between your own website and major OTAs

Easy to setup

The price check widget is easy to setup and customize to the look and feel of your own website

Fully managed

Our team will be with you every step of the way, from initial deployment to on-going maintenance and support

Live chat support

Our team can be reached by email, phone and live chat

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Hotel rate intelligence: The essential market intelligence for hotel professionals
David Easton

Any successful revenue management strategy requires the right market intelligence. With so many metrics involved, it is essential for revenue managers to have the full analysis of the key market conditions, including the main competitor’s room rates, their occupancy levels, the on-line user reviews as well as the overall demand levels for the period in the local area.

Formula for computing a hotel's RGI (Revenue Generation Index)
Revenue Generation Index: What is RGI and why is it important to hotels?
David Easton

RGI stands for Revenue Generation Index. It is also known as RevPAR index and is one of the many Key Performance Indicators (KPI) hotel professionals use to track performance. rate shopper alternatives rate shopper alternatives
David Easton

As you may have heard already, in late 2019 the OTA giant Booking.